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dependbuild has combined the latest technology with 20+ years of infrastructure risk management experience to bring you the clarity and insights you need to execute your projects with confidence.

dependbuild’s cloud-based risk and knowledge management platform addresses the specific needs and complications experienced throughout the infrastructure planning and development process. That means:

Tailored insights and recommendations to recognize development risks before they happen

Flexibility to manage all types of infrastructure projects

A user-friendly platform built with decision-makers AND project managers in mind

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What makes dependbuild different?

Cost-Effective and Inclusive Solutions

We believe best practices can and should be applied to all projects and accessible to all. Our technology is designed to be cost-effective and flexible, ensuring that projects of every size and scope can benefit from comprehensive, standardized risk and knowledge management.

Strong Reporting Foundation

We know the importance of getting the right information to the right people, at the right time. With dependbuild, reporting is transformed from a cumbersome task into an efficient and robust process, improving decision-making and strengthening stakeholder relations.

Transparent Data Management

dependbuild brings an unmatched level of transparency to your project management processes. Our platform serves as a central hub for data and knowledge, streamlining management and making information readily available to all project stakeholders.

Key Benefits

Our dynamic risk and knowledge management system enables project stakeholders to:

Make better decisions at a fraction of the cost with auto-generated, up-to-date risks.

Seamlessly collaborate and share project insights across all of your departments and stakeholders.

Avoid critical, costly oversights for every project while boosting transparency in the process.

Empower your team with instant access to your knowledge repository, bringing your lessons learned, policies, plans, and guidance documents to your fingertips.

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An urgent need for efficient infrastructure execution

An infrastructure backlog you just can’t seem to prioritize or get ahead on

Consistent turnover or a “changing of the guard”

Concerns over meeting long-term service delivery objectives

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