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BUILD SOMETHING MASSIVE… we will! dependbuildTM is pleased to announce it has joined Creative Destruction Labs (CDL), a global startup program for seed-stage companies. dependbuildTM will be working within the Digital Society Stream in CDL- Estonia and alongside its respective advisors. CDL-Estonia is based out of the University of Tartu and caters to startups working in digital governance, cyber security, public health, or genomics innovations.

“Estonia is a leader in smart city technology and digital services within the government space. This opportunity marks a major milestone for us. Not only do we get to join the CDL ecosystem, but we also get to tap into one of the most tech-progressive public sectors- a dream for us as an aspiring smart cities leader. We can’t wait to see what opportunities this relationship may open, both for us and infrastructure developers throughout Estonia.”

Cole O’Brien

Cofounder and CEO, dependbuild

The CDL-Estonia program kicks off this fall and will run throughout the first half of next year. 

Read more about Estonia’s leadership in smart city technology.

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