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ISO 31000

Automated strategic risk identification and qualification based on your organizational and project inputs aligned with ISO 31000.


Seamless reporting suite to inform top-level decision-makers on project risks.

Project Insights

Ability to capture and view insights and lessons learned from current and past projects, facilitating knowledge transfer across your organization.


A.I. enabled internal knowledge base search to save time and empower your workforce.

Flexible Access

Multi-level permissions to suit your specific needs and maximize participation.


Tested and secure platform.

$6.3 TRILLION in infrastructure investment is needed by 2030 to meet development goals.

That means A LOT of projects need to be built, very fast. dependbuild helps navigate the green transition by:

Increasing capital efficiency, enabling more projects and sustainable-investments

Helping communities de-risk implementation of new clean or sustainable technologies

Identifying environmental and climate risks

Facilitating alignment with environmental regulations, policies, and objectives

Ensuring projects are aligned with Climate Action Plans or targets

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We’re helping local governments solve the US$2.59 trillion Infrastructure Investment Gap.

Easily track projects and alignment with strategic directives, prioritize projects, manage and mitigate governance risks, all on one easy to use platform. Once done, simply print a snapshot report to bring to your next council meeting!

Quickly find relevant policies, guidelines and regulations for your project, action mitigation actions by priority, flag concerns, and communicate project deliverables and changes with ease. Save time and improve communication records!

Oversee operational risks, prioritize mitigations and acquire the data necessary to support and communicate decisions. For a full picture, tie in your asset management plan and asset data to create a full-spectrum solution to capital allocation. 

Review project uncertainties for all projects so you can ensure the right contingencies and checks are in place. Budget with confidence knowing that risks are being understood and managed across all departments.

Promote compliance with land use plans, local bylaws, and policies across the organization without the hand holding.

Empower your staff with the insights and confidence needed to execute infrastructure projects efficiently, regardless of experience. Get transparency into operations with constant, easily accessible project updates.

Whether you’re an external PM, consultant, watershed manager, Indigenous landowner, or other project stakeholder, get transparency into the risks facing the project, improve communication and elevate your voice, get up to speed to local policies and regulations quickly, and promote your objectives alongside municipal staff. Bring in a new wave of collaboration.

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